Monday, February 29, 2016

Semana 12 - Email

Hola amigos y mi familia,

Martes 2/23
The highlight of the day was that Omari's father, Omar, accepted baptism and their set date together is now March 17th! In the evening we had a hard time because Victor, who is so ready for the gospel and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, suddenly didn't have a desire to fast with us to confirm a baptismal date. We are hopeful to be able to continue to work with him and it will be okay.

Miercoles 2/24
Today we were sad about Victor, but we worked through the day and we felt better and kept working. During morning studies I said a little prayer that I'd find something to help me feel better and I flipped randomly to Alma 26:31, and it was the perfect scripture! It was a nice little tender mercy and answer to my little prayer that I found it, especially because it wasn't even highlighted.

Jueves 2/25
Today most of our appointments canceled, but we were able to visit people, do service for Lucy, and teach a lesson to one of the Elders' investigators, Justin (the Elders were at Mission Leadership Conference (MLC) for the day). We had a great dinner with the Gonzales family and we shared about the importance of family history work and temple work. I am really grateful for my trainer and all the love she has for me. She's given me phone duty to make most of the Spanish phone calls (which is really hard), but she pushes me just enough that I can surprise myself and improve everyday.

Viernes 2/26
Today we went to "Return and Report", a meeting for all the brand new missionaries (greenies) to receive a special training. I learned new things about how to extend commitments with more power and to better understand our purpose of teaching repentance and baptizing converts. We also were surprised with a temple trip! It was my first time going to the Boston temple, and it was BEAUTIFUL. It was definitely my favorite trip.

Sabado 2/27
Today we visited Shannon and her family. They are english speaking investigators that live in Peterborough, so we don't get to visit them much. Their children were the sweetest and so happy and well-behaved and they had a wonderful spirit in their home. I am so grateful and excited for them to continue to meet with the elders and receive the restored gospel. The drive out there was absolutely beautiful and I really just felt in love with my mission area.

Domingo 2/28
Today was a wonderful Sabbath. We had a mission-wide fast for our investigators and family members of missionaries with health issues. I was able to understand almost everything in Spanish at church! We also made new monthly goals and I am excited to get more prepared for the week tomorrow.

Hoy 2/29
Today we got a lot of cleaning and errands done and we visited a member named Garabed. He went with us to get pizza for lunch at this little place on main street that he says has been there since the 60's. It was supposed to be just like NY pizza, and it was really the best I've had!

I look forward to this next week. Thank you for all the love and support every week!
Con Amor,
Hermana Rubio

NOTE from Mom:  She sent me NO PHOTOS to share this week :( 
I don't know if she just ran out of computer time to send them to me, 
or if she has slowed at taking them. I'm hoping to get a lot more pics next week!

I did get this very sweet and unexpected Email
from Hermana Rubio's companion though:

Dear Sister Rubio,
Thank you for the sweet card that you sent for Valentine's day. It was so cute. Thank you for sending your amazing daughter on a mission (I know it is a hard thing to do), but she is changing lives out here. She may not notice it, but she has had such a wonderful impact on Nashua. Thank you for raising such a wonderful young woman. She is obedient, faithful, and diligent. I imagine she learned it from the example of her parents.
Thank you again for the lovely card!
Hermana Parke

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