Monday, February 15, 2016

Semana 10 - Email

I've had a great week, tomorrow I will have been on my mission for 2 months!
Happy late Valentine's Day!

Martes 2/9
Today we visited a reference we were given at the hospital. It was a woman named Tracy, and her husband Gene was there and they were both very open to hear our message when they get home. We have a member that is a nurse there and she said that every time this woman comes in they end up talking a whole bunch about church. The spirit was strong as we visited them, and we told Tracy and Gene that our purpose is help others to come unto Christ and Tracy immediately said "I'm ready". They're english-speaking, so the elders will probably end up teaching them in the next week or two, but the experience was really encouraging and exciting. That evening we surprise-visited one of our investigators, Angelica, for her birthday. She was so grateful and we were really happy because we haven't been able to get a hold of her for a week or two. We set up an appointment to have dinner with her at a member's house and teach a lesson there.

MiƩrcoles 2/10
We had a couple of appointments cancel, so we called and visited different less-active members throughout the day and we went to the Blanchette's (they are moving) on more than one occasion to work.

Jueves 2/11
Today I had my first zone conference in Cambridge. It took up most of the day, but I learned so much and took a lot of notes. In the evening we had dinner with the Gonzales family, and it was my first completely spanish-speaking dinner with members.

Viernes 2/12
Today was great despite a couple of cancelations we had and how cold it was (seriously, though, we woke up and checked the weather on our phone and it was -11 degrees outside! lol, How do you not dress like an eskimo?). In the evening we had dinner with Angelica at a member, Raquel's house. We gave a lesson after dinner on family history work and our reasons for doing it. Raquel bore a strong testimony on temple work for our ancestors. It was a fantastic introduction to temples for Angelica!

Sabado 2/13
Today was a long and very enlightening day. We visited Sister Ricks in the morning and helped her do dishes and talked to her about sentimental things she had from her mother who recently passed away. She shared so much wisdom with us, and she gave me a beautiful old honey jar for collecting pennies. In the evening we had dinner with the Smith family and we shared a message about journal writing and family history. I felt so much comfort today from my personal family history and the ability I've had to improve in my Spanish every day.

Domingo 2/14
In the evening we taught Victor a lesson about receiving revelation, and we introduced fasting, Doctrine & Covenants, and we read Alma Ch. 7 with him. He is progressing really well, and this weekend we hope to fast with him on a baptism date.

Today I was in awe of the amazing people around me. I feel that this weekend I've finally begun to feel more comfortable with Spanish and visiting people. I've learned so much so far and I've had some amazing experiences already, but dressing differently, speaking a language I'm still learning, and trying to remember so many names and faces of people I just met is, all in all, an uncomfortable experience. I know that real growth does not happen in the comfort zone. As I've accepted the discomfort, I've felt more able to be myself and I've felt more like a real missionary (not just someone following my awesome companion everywhere). My first transfer is almost to it's halfway point and I feel so blessed to have this as my first area. I love my training companion Hermana Parke.

Con Amor,
Hermana Rubio

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